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You have the reason to celebrate and we have the perfect preparation for it. Plan a party with us to assure a good time.

Birthday at Underpass

Celebrate and Avail the exclusive lounge areas where you can party, drink, eat and have lots of fun…

Low Costing Underpass

Nothing else can be more happening than going bottoms up without hurting your budget.

Thirsty Thursday

We offer a discount on upcoming Thursday

Live At Underpass Cafe on Thursday nights are an experience you have to have at least once in your life. They bring in the coolest performers, most recently had Top DJ and Musicmen (an incredibly talented trio LBB had the joy of listening to


About Underpass Cafe


We have been able to monitor and improve customer experience. Underpass Cafe can remotely track key issues on real time: such as delivery time to the customer, reasons a customer cancels or rejects an item, sales, customer feedback, etc. We have been able to effectively control costs of purchase and consumption from the head office at all locations through the following: – Manage inventory centrally, monitoring stock – wastage / loss / variances – Realize economies by managing vendors / suppliers centrally with lower prices and consistent quality – Delegating purchase powers only as required to locations with rates and quantities fixed centrally

Achieved significant savings in time and costs as activities such as price revisions and menu changes are centrally controlled and can be made from the head office, which formerly had to be done by deputing personnel to each location.

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